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Benson Products, LLC is the creator of the Splash Count™, a portable waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and counter. Splash Count™ can be used for various activities  such as swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, training, timing, exercise circuits, game timer, and game scores. Coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and teachers continue to find many uses for our versatile product!   

Maximize your Sports Spaces

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Maximize your Sports Spaces

Lynn Benson - Benson Products

The sports fields and gyms in many communities and at many schools are accommodating more games and competitions than ever before. Men’s and women’s sports, youth boys and girls teams and of course varsity teams all compete for time in the sports venues. Because it has multiple functions in each unit, Splash Count™ sports timer and counter offers a way to get maximum use from all of your spaces.

While the varsity gym might have the best scoreboard, some games are being played in old gyms or at practice facilities where there is no display for time or score. Out door spaces may not even have electrical outlets. Splash Count™ sports timer and counter offers a solution that can be used in more than one place for more than one sport. One week it might be basketball in the old gym, next week, volleyball, and later the same units can be used to enhance a game on the practice ball diamond. With a few Splash Count™ units available to be moved around as needed, a school or club can offer more venues to host competitions. Since the units are not installed in any one location, they can be used in multiple locations as needed. Instantly upgrade any facility or venue by carrying along a Splash Count™ sports timer and counter to the next event!

Lynn Benson is the Managing Member of Benson Products, LLC and a retired Physical Education teacher, former Aquatic Supervisor, and the mother of 3 and grandmother of 7. Lynn is the inventor of Splash Count portable sports clock and counter. This article is based on her observations and opinion.