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Benson Products, LLC is the creator of the Splash Count™, a portable waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and counter. Splash Count™ can be used for various activities  such as swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, training, timing, exercise circuits, game timer, and game scores. Coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and teachers continue to find many uses for our versatile product!   


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Fun Things to Do with Splash Count

Lynn Benson - Benson Products

Splash Count sports clock and counter is portable and can go where ever you play. 

Splash Count sports clock and counter is portable and can go where ever you play. 

Splash Count portable sports clock and counter is a great tool to use in multiple sports and activity settings.  Splash Count users have found many uses for this versatile timer and counter!  Here are just a few ideas. 

We invite Splash Count users to share your great ideas in the comments below.

Jump Rope Challenges:  Inside or outside the Splash Count is easily visible to the students.  Set the timer to time up or time down and verbally challenge the class.  See how hard they work when they have a task  and can see the time ticking.

  • Who can jump rope for 2 minutes without stopping?  Misses are OK. Just keep starting again.
  • How few misses will you get in one minute? 
  • How many times can you jump the rope in 30 seconds?

Underwater pace clock: Place the Splash Count on the lane marker at the bottom of the pool.  All swimmers in the lane can see their pace as they swim.  This is especially good for pacing distance swimmers because they don't need to find the deck clock to know their pace. 

At 5 K and 10 K eventsuse Splash Count to display the running time at the mile markers along the course.  Phone or radio communication with someone at the start location will give the operator the ability to start the Splash Count as the race begins. Runners can easily see their time when they pass the marker. 

Time and score soccer games (or other sports) played in gyms or at outdoor courts or fields that do not have built in game clocks and score boards.  Remote control makes it quick and easy to start and stop the game clock.  The score can be displayed on a separate Splash Count unit or you can use one unit and switch between time and score.

Time circuit training activities.  Indoor or outdoor boot camp participants can see the time and rotate on a given time schedule.  The trainer can attend to the specific needs of individuals rather than watching a small timer or watch.