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Benson Products, LLC is the creator of the Splash Count™, a portable waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and counter. Splash Count™ can be used for various activities  such as swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, training, timing, exercise circuits, game timer, and game scores. Coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and teachers continue to find many uses for our versatile product!   


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Press Release: Benson Products, LLC launches a new e-commerce web site!

Lynn Benson - Benson Products

Splash Count, the portable pace clock you can count on

For Immediate Release

Benson Products, LLC Launches a New Web Site!

Grand Rapids, MI - Jan. 29, 2015 - Benson Products, LLC maker of Splash Count portable and submersible pace clock and sports counter, is launching a completely redesigned web site!  The new look and feel of the site for 2015 was crafted with the expert help of Johnny B. Allen, Digital Designer and Under Water Videographer in conjunction with Duane Weed of DW Video and Multimedia. has an all new look and is more interactive than the previous site. 

Benson Products, LLC offers Splash Count, a high quality pace clock, game clock, counting and scoring display for multiple sports.  Lynn Benson is the inventor and creator of the device which is portable, waterproof and can be operated directly using a control panel or by wireless remote control.  She has worked together with the engineers from a local Grand Rapids, MI company to bring her ideas to life.   

The idea is to be able to take a pace clock and counting display with you to to any sports practice or game even if the field has no power source or the old gym has no scoreboard system.  Splash Count offers a portable solution that can be used in multiple locations.  Boot camp instructors can relocate their classes to fun and challenging outdoor spaces and have a timing display for all participants to see.  In addition to mobility, the Splash Count is waterproof so rain will not stop the game and swimmers can use it underwater to a depth of 14 feet. 

See more about the products at

Lynn Benson's Blog will be found on the web site.  It includes thoughts and insights about fitness, exercise and health as well as ideas for games and activities that can be done using the Splash Count. PE teachers and activity leader may want to check regularly to find downloads with games, activities and challenges.  Join the mailing list to get news, updates and notifications of special offers.

Lynn Benson

Benson Products, LLC
(616) 822-5445
Grand Rapids, MI, USA,


Who are the people that visit the gyms each day?

Lynn Benson - Benson Products

I have been a physical education teacher for the past several years at a public school and I was "shared" with the private schools in the area as well.  I tried to get all of the students to participate at their comfort level.  Of course some were more comfortable in the gym than others.  These young people were anywhere from almost 5 years old to 18 years old. They were there because their schedule said P.E. class was at a certain time.  The class went to the gym, so they went along.  Some might have dreaded this while most others looked forward to P.E.class all week.

Now I have retired.  I still go to the gym.  I choose to go because it is good for me.  I studied about all of the benefits and I have believed what I have tried to teach abut physical activity and healthful choices in life style.  I know I feel and function better as a result of regular exercise.  I also walk, ride a bike, swim and ski for exercise and for fun.

I have been amazed at the people who walk through the doors into the gym on a regular basis. They are so many and so diverse.  Part of my blog will be about individuals who will share their stories with me.  I want to discover what drives them and maybe this will help others who are reluctant start.