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Benson Products, LLC is the creator of the Splash Count™, a portable waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and counter. Splash Count™ can be used for various activities  such as swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, training, timing, exercise circuits, game timer, and game scores. Coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and teachers continue to find many uses for our versatile product!   

Portable Sports Clock and Scoreboard

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Splash Count™


Splash Count™


Splash Count™ timer and counter with charge cord. This item does not include signal horn or remote control.

Six functions include time up, time down, repeat time down, score for two teams, swimming lap count and count anything.

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  • Superior robust thin design yet tough enough for all types of weather conditions.

  • Easy to operate control panel on back allows seamless navigation between various mode functions - time up, time down, repeat time down, score for two teams and swim count and count anything.

  • Fully waterproof and submersible up to a depth of 14 ft./4.3 meters.

  • Provides accurate & precision timing for indoor and outdoor activities or aquatic sports.

  • 5 variable brightness levels provided by 6 inch red LEDs, 4 digit display.

  • Highly visible LED display works great in all types of lighting conditions.

  • Portable, durable, lightweight and completely dependable.

  • Unit operates up to 15 hours on a single full charge.

For customers who require product shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories please call 1.616.822.5445 between 8am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Friday to place an order.

Splash Count units are made as ordered. It could be up to 4 weeks for production. We'll send a shipping notice at that time.


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Product Description

Item Includes:

  •     Splash Count portable clock & counter 
  •     Power adapter/charger
  •     Manual
  •     Warranty card

Technical Detail

  • Battery: Non-removable rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride.
  • Color: Fire Engine Red
  • Dimensions: 18”x9.75”x.9” (45.7 cm x 24.7 cm x 2.2 cm)  
  • Unit Functions: Lap Counter for swimming events, Red back to signal last lap, Pace Clock – Time Up, Pace Clock – Time Down, Two-team scoreboard

Product Details

  • Manufactured: Product is Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Product Dimensions: 18” x 9.75” x .9”
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs./4.08 kg
  • Item model number: BP1001

Warranty & Support

Product Manual: Read the manual about this product, please click here [PDF]
Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here [PDF]

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Promotional Splash Count Video

The video demonstrates how the Splash Count™ can be used in the pool, at the gym, and during fitness training.


Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Does Splash Count ™ have rechargeable batteries? How do you recharge it? 
A: Yes, it has rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride batteries that will operate for 500 cycles without losing performance or charge capacity. Simply recharge the unit using the power supply adaptor that comes with every Splash Count unit. The charging port is located on the bottom of the Splash Count unit. A full charge can lasts up to 15 hours depending on the brightness set on the LED display.

Q: Can the batteries be replaced by the customer?
A:  No, the rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride batteries are sealed in the unit. The unit must be returned to the manufacturer for battery replacement. The battery replacement service cost is $95 and will be completed within 10 business days. The unit will also receive any needed maintenance and may be upgraded to include any new software features. Shipping costs are not included in the battery replacement service charges.

Q: How long does it take to recharge Splash Count? 
A: Splash Count will fully charge in 12 to 14 hours if completely discharged. A partially depleted battery after use will typical recharges in about 8 hours. A charging light indicator will go off when the unit is fully charged.

Q: Will Splash Count run while plugged in to charge? 
A: Yes. It operates at the lowest light setting while plugged in.  However, it can NOT be submerged in the pool when charging.

Q: Does Splash Count go right into the pool? 
A: Yes. Splash Count is submersible to 14 feet or 4.3 meters. Place it on the bottom of the pool to see your pace as you swim laps.

Q: Can I control the Splash Count from a distance? 
A: Yes, we offer an optional wireless remote control that can be purchased separately or can be purchased with our Splash Count remote package. The remote has a max working distance of 90 ft./27.432 meters. The wireless remote will not work under water, but is very good in a gym, on the pool deck or on a field outdoors. 

Q: Does Splash Count work in cold weather? 
A: Splash Count has been successfully tested in winter outdoors conditions for 12 hours at 0 ºF, -18 ºC with a full battery charge. Splash Count also has been successfully tested at below zero temperatures ( -6 ºF, -21 ºC ). 

Q: How is the lap count advanced during lap swim mode? 
A: The swim count is manually advanced by a coach or teammate who is positioned at the end of the lane during a distance event. 

Q: In time up mode, what happens when it reaches 59:59? 
A: Splash Count continues to 00:00 and counts up from there.

Q: In time down mode what happens when the count reaches 00:00? 
A: Splash Count stops at 00:00 until it is reset and started by the user. 

Q: What are Splash Count’s functions? 
A: Time up, time down, score for two teams and swim count for distance events. 


Customer Testimonials

My new Splash Count has been a big hit with my students. As an elementary school P.E. teacher, I have used it to let kids know how much time remains in their warm up jogging, to keep score in games, to time jump rope assessments and also for students to know how long it is taking them to do the mile run. Different kids commented how they appreciated knowing their time after each lap. It is also a joy to hear kids counting down as they near the end of their warm up jogging, because they can see how much time remains. Thanks, Benson Products for providing this technological upgrade to my gym. We all love it.
— Tim Farrell, P.E. Teacher | Rockford, MI
Love the portability!
— Julie Hoek, Group & Private Trainer at Wolverine World Wide Family YMCA | Belmont, MI