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Benson Products, LLC is the creator of the Splash Count™, a portable waterproof submersible digital sports clock, timer and counter. Splash Count™ can be used for various activities  such as swimming, soccer, basketball, biking, triathlon, fitness, coaching, training, timing, exercise circuits, game timer, and game scores. Coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and teachers continue to find many uses for our versatile product!   


The Splash Count has been a great addition to our set up. Last weekend we timed a race in the pouring rain all day and Splash Count weathered the storm better than all our other equipment.
— Trey Wilson, Series Director,
We have been thrilled to use the Splash Count for our 5K the last couple years. We have one at the 1 mile and one at the 2 mile. I’ve heard several runners comment on how much they like it! It’s very big and visible, even in the shady woods.
— Rebecca Cruttenden - Team Orphans Cookie 5K race director and iron man triathlete.
Hi Lynn,
I absolutely love the clock. I literally use it every single day. I’m glad I made the decision to purchase it from you.
I hung some hooks in the gym that I can attach the clock to so the students can see it from anywhere in the gym. I use it daily for the warm- up run for every grade level. It really helps the kids to practice their pacing skills because they know they can’t walk and they can see exactly how much time they have left.
Since it is portable and the numbers are so bright, it works perfect for the mile run outside. I love how powerful the remote control is as well. It has unbelievable range.
— Scott Tucker, PE Teacher | Rockford, MI

Here are the responses I got from Scott after using the Splash Count for the past year and a half.  I sent this short survey to see how things were going.

Lynn: I wanted to check in with you to see how things are going with the Splash Count you have. Since you have the first ones that have been on the job the longest, I wanted to be sure they are all working great and have not had any problems.  Please reply when you have a chance and answer a few questions.

Lynn: Does your Splash Count get regular use during your classes?

Scott: "I use the Splash Count every single day in every single class. I have it mounted on the wall and the kids use it to pace themselves for our warm up jog. I also use it outside when we do the Mile Run test in the Fall and again in the Spring. It works great for that."

Lynn: What types of activities do you use it for?  Which features do you use?

Scott: "I use it for the warm up jogs and mile run. I use the time up and time down feature. I also used the scoring feature when I played Volleyball with the 3-5 graders."

Lynn: Would your encourage other PE teachers to use the Splash Count? 

Scott: "Absolutely. The part I like the most is the awesome range the remote control has. Plus the super bright numbers make it easy for the students to see it."

Lynn: Have you had any problems with your Splash Count? 

Scott: "I have had zero problems to report."

Lynn: If you have a good story related to the Splash Count, I would love to hear it.

Scott: "I don’t have any specific stories to share but I will let you know that we use it every day and trust me, If I forget to put it out the kids let me know right away. They look for it right when they get into class."